KD-120 20 Qt. Platinum Flat Back

K&D Equestrian LLC

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KD-120 20 Qt. Platinum Flat Back - K&D Equestrian LLC
KD-120 20 Qt. Platinum Flat Back - K&D Equestrian LLC
KD-120 20 Qt. Platinum Flat Back - K&D Equestrian LLC

Introducing the KD-120 Bucket: The Pinnacle of Durability and Safety in Horse Care

Experience unmatched strength and safety with the KD-120 Bucket, specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of horse owners. This bucket is not just a container; it's a critical tool in the daily care and management of your horses, designed with innovative features that set it apart in the equestrian market.

Key Features of the KD-120 Bucket:

Superior Strength and Durability: The KD-120 features a thick-walled design, giving it exceptional strength and longevity that surpasses conventional buckets.
Innovative One Piece Metal Ring: This bucket boasts the industry’s only one-piece metal ring that securely holds the handle, eliminating any concerns about the handle detaching during use.
Patented Mane and Tail Saver: Unique to the KD-120, the patented design encloses the crimped ends of the handle, ensuring that horses will not catch their manes, tails, or noses, thus enhancing safety during use.
Designed for Equestrian Needs: With these features, the KD-120 is heralded as the best and most durable bucket in the industry, tailored for the needs of active stables and serious horse owners.
The KD-120 Bucket represents the forefront of equestrian bucket technology, with its robust construction and safety-oriented features. Ideal for anyone seeking a reliable solution to everyday stable tasks, this bucket ensures that your focus can remain on providing the best care for your horses without the hassle of equipment failures.

Choose the KD-120 Bucket for its unparalleled durability and innovative safety features, making it a superior choice for horse owners who demand the very best.

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