KD-116 Re-Wrap

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KD-116 Re-Wrap - K&D Equestrian LLC

Introducing the KD-116 Re-Wrap: Your Essential Tool for Polo Wrap Management

Make wrapping and unwrapping polo wraps a breeze with the KD-116 Re-Wrap, a handy and efficient tool designed to simplify the care and storage of polo wraps. Ideal for equestrians looking to streamline their gear management, this tool is perfect for keeping your barn or tack room organized and efficient.

Key Features of the KD-116 Re-Wrap:

Convenient Mounting System: Easily mounts on your barn wall or any preferred location, ensuring the Re-Wrap is always accessible when needed.
Detachable Design: The main body of the Re-Wrap can be quickly detached from the mounting bracket, making it easy to store away when not in use and ensuring it doesn’t obstruct your space.
Enhanced Organization: Perfect for rolling polo wraps neatly and compactly after use, helping to maintain their condition and readiness for the next ride.
The KD-116 Re-Wrap is not just a tool; it's a solution to one of the common challenges in equestrian gear maintenance. By automating the tedious task of rolling polo wraps, it saves time and reduces hassle, allowing you to focus more on riding and less on gear upkeep.

Equip your stable with the KD-116 Re-Wrap and experience a new level of convenience and efficiency in managing your equestrian equipment.

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Roper


Richard Hyland

It works! Makes re-wrapping compression bandages much easier.

Karen Schmitz

My dad made me exactly this 40 years ago out of metal, Machined it.
Lost it over the years and been searching for another since. The plastic version is exactly like the one my dad made. Was so happy to find it and it works great.

Larry Gaskey
KD-116 Re-Wrap

Great Product, shipped quick, received in good condition, would reccommend